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*NEW* CK2 Artist Services *NEW*

The following are all services now offered from CK2......

Showmagic Programming

Full DMX lighting shows, Training, help, setup or individual songs programmed.
Get to grips with or have your show run with this brilliant software.

Laptop buying advice + minidisc to computer conversion
Thinking of switching from minidisc to laptop for your show? Conversion of your minidiscs to computer audio format. Streamlining of laptop to load faster and be stable / reliable.

Video Editing

Have the video of your show edited into a promo with graphics and uploaded to YouTube

Photo retouching
Editing of photos for promo or Poster creation. Editing out of people from band shots, new heads put on, new backgrounds / logos etc.

Gig / Accounts Spreadsheet set up
Quick easy way of keeping track of your gigs / commission / fuel expenses etc in one easy to use spreadsheet individually set up for your needs/ situation.
Enter simple figures like mileage to gig, and instantly know how much profit you will make on it after commission, travel costs, fuel and other expenses.

Backing Tracks
Custom backing tracks / medleys to high quality.
Click tracks if needed.

Play Ons / Play Offs
Take the worry out of being introduced incorrectly.
Professionally produced play ons and playoffs will add an extra professional edge to your show.

If you have a business and haven't got a webspace Facebook page or website, you are losing a fortune in increased opportunities, free advertising and profit. Simple facebook page or website.

Email for quotes.
Looking forward to helping you out,