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Showmagic Instructions and Help
***Instruction videos coming soon***


What is showmagic?

ShowMagic offers an integrated software solution for the storage, playback and control of audio, video and digital signage, as well as full control of lighting and external AV devices. It is a fantastic piece of software for controlling DMX lighting, midi, audio and Video in a live production environment. It can be used for Live shows, displays or exhibitions.

Details for buying this software or downloading a free demo can be found at

What will I need?

To operate the Showmagic software, you will need.....
1. A Laptop running Windows (XP onwards)
2. A DMX interface (ENTTEC Pro or JESE DMX Tri recommended, but others are available) - around £125

Any Special Laptop?

The laptop should ideally be dedicated to only this software, with no other programs on it and not used for any other purpose. This minimises the risk of Skips, Delays or timing issues. Min Spec: Pentium 200+ or equivalent CPU based PC running on Windows XP, Vista or 7 with 512Mb of Ram (For SL and SLX Versions). All models require a video card and monitor capable of 1024 x 768 32bit colour mode.

Basic Tutorial Videos to Follow...... soon.